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Physical Therapy Office Manager – Glue Of Organization

Posted on April 02 2016

Glue. It’s what holds stuff together. Whether it’s Elmer’s that we used as kids to create masterpieces for our mom’s fridge, or superglue that repairs our broken collectibles – glue’s purpose is to hold stuff together. It’s just what glue does.

At Fit Physical Therapy, our glue is Patty Costello. She’s our front office guru who handles daily IT troubleshooting, insurance verifications/authorizations for clients, insurance credentialing for all the therapists, accounts payable and medical records, and making sure that the front office of our 6 clinics across the front-range are all operating efficiently.

On top of being a faithful and productive performer, she’s also extremely humble. If you compliment Patty on her job well done, she’ll immediately give credit to her teammates who contribute daily to the success of Fit Physical Therapy’s organization. She’s a real gem.

Pictured above L to R:
Patty Costello with teammates Brigitte Reid and Chuck Martin

At Fit PT many of us have worked with each other so long that our team feels like a circle of caring friends. Patty Costello is one of those old friends.

I’ve known Patty for over 30 years. She was originally hired as the receptionist at Back and Conditioning Clinic when I was the co-owner. Although she was young and had minimal experience, she was bright, pleasant and enthusiastic. She proved to be a fast learner with a strong work ethic. Before long, she was handling many more tasks and managing the front office, allowing the therapists to focus on patient care.

In case you are curious if work is her life, let me dispel that right away. Here are some interesting tid-bits about Patty, our glue:

    • She loves music and enjoys attending summertime festivals.
    • Her favorite bands include Phat Daddy, Wash Park, and That 80s Band.
    • She’s a craft beer connoisseur and attends brewfest events around town.
    • Patty escapes the “office scene” by getting outdoors and enjoying long walks and hikes…
    • Her favorite nature spot is up at Golden Gate Canyon.
    • Her full-time off-work passion is her family: 24 year old son, 21 year old daughter, and 14 month granddaughter
      (yes, we have pictures!).
    Doting Grandma with granddaughter Milah Anabelle.

    Patty’s skills and knowledge have continued to grow and she is now the administrative head of a busy six-clinic practice. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to watch and hear her interactions with many patients in a myriad of situations. Without fail, she is pleasant, understanding, and proficient.

    Fit Physical Therapy is richly blessed to have Patty Costello on staff. When patients boast of the personalized and thorough care received during treatment, we always tip our hat to the lady who keeps FPT glued together and running smoothly.

    As Paul Harvey might say… Patty is the glue that oversees the “other side” of what we do every day.

    Vicki White Carpenter, PT, DPT, MA, OCS
    Littleton/Peak Clinic

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