Posted on January 26 2016

Have you ever experienced chronic pain and found yourself unable to isolate the root cause? Many people in this situation seek help from doctors, nurses, dieticians, specialists, and chiropractors – with no end in sight. I’ve heard many stories about smart people seeking real solutions for years, only to find themselves in a black abyss with nowhere to turn.

If you or someone you care about has been through that ringer, you understand how frustrating the situation can be. I’m here to offer hope. I read an article in the Washington Post titled “Myofascial Pain Syndrome Leaves Doctors Baffled and Patients Untreated.”

This article provides helpful information with case studies throughout explaining myofascial pain syndrome and the reasons why it often goes undiagnosed. Physical therapists are leading the way to properly diagnose and treat the syndrome. One treatment that is working particularly well isTrigger Point Dry Needling.

To learn more about myofascial pain syndrome please read this article from the Washington Post.

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