Best Sitting Posture at a Computer

Posted on April 02 2020

Best Sitting Posture at a Computer

With many people working from home now, we wanted to make sure you are taking care of your body while taking care of your work. Good posture can make all the difference in whether you have a painful or pain-free day!

Why Good Posture is Important

  • It keeps the bones and the joints in a correct alignment ensuring that all your work well together.
  • Good posture reduces the stress put on your ligaments.
  • With a good posture, you don’t get fatigued easily because you will be using all your muscles efficiently.
  • It prevents muscular pain and backaches.
  • A great posture will boost your mood; sitting or standing correctly without placing extra tension on your body means your muscles work in harmony.
  • It increases your blood flow and improves circulation increasing your energy levels and keeping your energy levels high.
  • It can help with discomfort and pain like repetitive strain injuries, pinched nerves in your shoulders or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Proper Sitting Posture at a Computer

  • Head/Eyes: If possible, your eyes should be level with the top of your computer monitor.
  • Shoulders: Relax your shoulders and be aware of them rising toward your ears or rounding forward throughout the workday.
  • Arms: Your arms should be bent 90° degrees and the desk should be set to the height of your forearms. Let your arms rest on a support, rather than being held up. Also, you shouldn’t be reaching too far for your keyboard and mouse. You should be able to control them easily with arms bent at the elbow.
  • Feet: Keep your feet flat on the floor. (no crossing ankles or legs)
  • Back: Keep your back straight. Your hips should be as close to the back of the chair as possible. Use a pillow or lumbar support for your lower back if necessary.
  • Legs: Your legs should also be at a 90° angle from your body.

Lastly, take lots of breaks! Every 30 minutes or so, get away from your computer for 1-2 minutes. Stretch, get a drink of water, walk around the house or simply do a few squats. These mini-breaks are proven to reduce pain, improve concentration and limit fatigue.

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