Manual Physical Therapy

Posted on September 15 2016

In our tech-savvy world, machines and devices are regularly used to detect injury, monitor heart-rates, test for cancer, determine if bones are broken, identify soft-tissue problems, and treat a wide range of other issues that a patient may face on any given day. For that reason, many patients are relieved to experience the hands-on approach that the therapists at Fit Physical Therapy employ during treatment at our clinics.

Touch Benefits Strength and Mobility During Recovery

Technology is awesome; however, science has proven that human touch is also an integral part of optimum health, development, and recovery at all ages. Manual physical therapy provides the ability to target specific joints and tissues while utilizing the science of touch in ways that greatly impacts the strength, mobility, and recovery of our patients.

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The therapists at Fit Physical Therapy are specially trained and certified in the practice of manual physical therapy – we understand the scientific benefits of manual PT as well as the proven rewards that touch provides during the recovery process. While our clinics are equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology, we also value the importance of manual therapy in the recovery toolbox.

What Is Manual Physical Therapy?

Manual PT is delivered with the physical therapists hands instead of a device or machine. Manual PT is a hands-on treatment approach focused on the patient’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints; advanced training and certification are required.

Manual PT has two primary focus areas:

    • Soft Tissue Mobilization: where pressure is applied to soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When applied correctly, patients experience improved tissue mobility, increased circulation, relaxed muscles, decreased pain symptoms, and a break up and un-knotting of excessive scar tissue.
    • Bone and Joint Mobilization/Manipulation: a skilled technique in which bones and joints are safely pulled, rotated, or pushed using measured movements at varying speeds, force, and distances to improve mobility in a stiff joint, reduce muscle guarding, restore normal motion, and to decrease pain.

    Why Is Manual Physical Therapy Used?

    The primary goal of manual PT is to restore normal mobility to soft tissues and joints which will allow your body to move properly and regain normal function without pain.

    Manual therapy has been proven to decrease healing time compared to other treatment approaches. For patients, this translates into fewer days off work, faster recovery, and most importantly, decreasing the amount of time inhibited by pain.

    At Fit Physical Therapy, our goal is to help educate patients on safe ways to improve their quality of life. If you are experiencing pain or limited mobility, please schedule an appointment today. We are excited to work with you on your specific recovery efforts.

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    Yours for safe and effective recovery,
    Dr. Christian Jones, Littleton/Peak Clinic

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