Self Care - You Deserve It!

Posted on April 17 2017

When you take time to replenish your spirit,
it allows you to serve others from the overflow.
You cannot serve from an empty vessel.
― Eleanor Brownn

Have you ever known someone who has a calming presence and simply beckons trust? We are fortunate to have one in our midst – Joan Higman. Joan’s colleagues describe her as dependable, humble, reliable, innovative and patient-centric. And patients agree!

Many years ago, Joan experienced an injury which impacted her back, spine and trunk region. As a result of her own personal journey through recovery, physical therapy became her life’s passion and mission.

While originally from upstate New York, Joan is a physical therapy (PT) graduate from Northwestern University. She moved west and has been practicing PT in the Denver area for over 20 years.

physical therapy, sports medicine, recovery
Pictured here: Joan in the fall of 2014, trying her hand at fly fishing at Glacier National Park.

Joan specializes in orthopedics and brings a wealth of experience to her patient care. She is certified in intramuscular manual therapy (trigger point dry needling) which she uses to help patients effectively relieve muscle tension while increasing range of motion.

Joan is also a certified Pilate’s instructor. This gives her a unique hands-on approach for treating a wide range of injuries by strengthening the pelvic girdle, abdominals and the back musculature of her patients.

Joan is best known for delivering a unique approach and treatment plan, tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Her primary goal is to help patients integrate what they learn in PT with their overall daily lives.

When asked what advice she would give to anyone experiencing pain, Joan quickly responds, “Don’t postpone treatment. If you’ve been in pain for more than a few weeks, it’s time to come in for an evaluation.” After all these years of helping folks recover, she’s learned that nothing good comes from allowing a problem to fester. Joan adds, “Ignoring the problem can lead to other health issues down the road.”

Joan says her favorite part of working at Fit Physical Therapy (FPT) is “partnering with unique people who openly share their specialties and knowledge.” She adds, “Together we collaborate in useful ways to make the biggest impact for all FPT patients.”

When Joan is away from the clinic, she enjoys the active outdoor Colorado lifestyle – hiking, biking, skiing, or snowshoeing. Joan’s condo in Winter Park provides a respite from the city to recharge. This balance allows her to maintain the energy and enthusiasm to deliver the personal, holistic approach to physical therapy which her patients appreciate.

physical therapy, sports medicine

Joan hiking in Winter Park.

As you can see, Joan Higman is a valued member of the Fit Physical Therapy team. Her background and passion make her a great asset to patients in her care. If you are experiencing discomfort or issues with mobility, take Joan’s advice and “don’t postpone treatment.” Schedule an appointment today so that you can improve your circumstance  303-409-2133.

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Remember to take care of yourself! You deserve it!
Dr. Christian Jones, Littleton/Peak Clinic



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