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Westminster Manager Provides "Meritorious Service"

Posted on September 10 2016

One of the best aspects of owning a business is having the authority to select the people who will make up our physical therapy team. We’ve been very blessed (and lucky!) to recruit some of the best talent in the region. One person who stands out in the process is our Westminster Clinic Manager – Keith Demmon.

Keith DemmonWe first met Keith when he was a Physical Therapy intern many years ago. His internship at that time was in pediatric Physical Therapy, and you could tell he was a “cut above the rest!” Upon graduation, he became a staff PT, and very soon thereafter was managing his own clinic.  As soon as we were able, we invited Keith to join us at Fit PT. We are very selective of choosing our therapists… We knew we wanted Keith on our staff, and he has excelled not only as a therapist, but also as the manager of the Westminster clinic.  Keith has a wall of pictures and memorabilia on his entry wall at Westie. Our favorite is the plaque given to him by his men that he led and worked with during his time in the 82nd Airborne Division, a unit within the US Army. On it, there are displays of specific awards and accomplishments earned during his time and specifically mentions – For Meritorious Service. We think that exemplifies Keith’s character.

Christian and I are thankful for Keith and all that he brings to Fit Physical Therapy. Here’s a recap of a Q&A session we had with him recently:

When did you decide to become a physical therapist?

When I was in the Army in the early 90’s, one of my fellow soldiers really hurt his knee and had to receive physical therapy. I remember at the time being interested in what he was doing. When I entered the civilian world, I researched the profession and started volunteering at a local PT clinic to gain experience. During the time volunteering, I was able to watch, learn, and even assist the PTs as they cared for their patients. The support and encouragement I received from the PTs, plus seeing the motivation and excitement they put into their patient’s care, solidified my decision to continue training to become a PT. When I was accepted to the University of Colorado’s PT School after completing my undergraduate degree at CU-Boulder, I knew I had made the right decision. However, as I look back at my decision to consider PT as a profession, it seems now as if the decision was made for me along the way. The doors for PT opened, I just stepped through, and it has been great ever since.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge for patients when it comes to their home exercise program?

physical therapy westminster

Hands down, the biggest challenge for patients is finding the time to work on exercises after they leave the clinic. I try to prescribe exercises that are specific to the patient’s needs without over prescribing. It is a delicate balance. I understand the challenges and complexities of busy lifestyles. For that reason, I provide unique examples of how a patient could perform their program during the day, such as integrating an exercise into daily activities already being performed. My hope is that patients will be able to find/make time for their exercise program because it usually is an essential part of their success in physical therapy. I also hope they begin to enjoy their home exercise program so they can continue it after physical therapy is over.

What has been your biggest reward from your career as a PT?

My biggest reward as a physical therapist is when a patient finally walks out the clinic door for the last time due to not needing me anymore. I am thrilled for a patient who returns to their activities that they were not able to do prior to coming to physical therapy. I feel proud that I can be a part of a process that helps improve someone’s quality of life. There is a lot that goes into someone’s recovery from any physical condition/disability, and when I am a positive part of that recovery, it feels good!

Are there certain trends in PT that you are most excited about?
I am excited that multiple aspects of treatment options are being explored more frequently. It is important to recognize all the influences that affect someone’s condition – i.e. neurology, psychology, and the mechanical influences to name a few. For example, I have seen patients’ lower back pain significantly reduced when they are taught methods to lower stress and anxiety. It is exciting to see that we can help our patient’s return to function by applying various techniques. Most of us are doctors, and by being doctors, we have a responsibility to swestminster physical therapytay up-to-date on the science and evidence surrounding the conditions we treat.   Since all states, including Colorado, have some level of Direct Accessmeaning we can treat patients without a physician prescription and bill directly to most insurance carriers, it is important that PTs recognize that responsibility. We should, as a profession, treat someone as a whole person, not just an injury, and use evidence-based treatment parameters when beginning care. It is exciting that we are treating that way more frequently in recent years. I am looking forward to seeing where science and evidence-based physical medicine takes our profession and the healing community in the next 5-20 years!


physical therapy westminster
Keith with his wife Aubrey and their children Kyle, Matthew, and Teia
taking a photo-op in Westminster, CO.

As you can see, Keith is a multi-dimensional physical therapist who brings a unique background, skillset and passion to the PT field. He’s been with Fit Physical Therapy for over 9 years and he fosters a loving home life with his wife and 3 active children. For fun, Keith enjoys running and spending as much time as possible in the Colorado outdoors: skiing, hiking, etc. Keith graduated with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from what was once called University of Colorado’s Health Sciences Center, now CU-Denver Anschutz Medical Campus in 2003. And, he earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012.

Keith with his kids (Matthew, Kyle, Teia)
heading to Rockies game.

Keith Demmon is a fabulous member of our growing physical therapy team. If you are near the Westminster clinic, make sure to stop in and say hello, and check out his “Meritorious Service” for yourself!

PT Colorado

Yours for healing and recovery,
Dr. Patti Hutt, Arvada and Lakewood Clinics


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